At the end of each month, you’ll find the YOUR MONTH IN REVIEW page.

Review that Month's Goals and add up the Daily & Weekly Best Self totals from that month and rate the entire month on the top left corner under Monthly Rating.

The Monthly Notes portion is free-form for any additional tracking and/or takeaways from the month.



Each new month will begin with a new YOUR NOW tool so that you are revisiting this tool at the start of each new month to inform the goals you develop for each month.

This tool will help you gain clarity of your current state with regard to 7 different areas of your life - Faith, Family, Finance, Field,  Finance, Fitness, Friends and Fun.


The YOUR BEST SELF tool is designed for you to create a list of things to, over time, add to your life as a habit that helps you become your ‘best self’.

Confirm or Update last month's list and write down any new action that you know if you did this or if you stopped doing next month, you’ll add to rather than subtract from being your Best Self.


In the space provided, write the month and fill in the days. This view is designed to give you a big-picture view of your month and is flexible in how you use it.

You may choose to write in birthdays, special events, vacations, or anything else you’d like to use this view for.

To the right of the YOUR MONTH view you’ll find a column for Monthly Notes. This area may be used to capture any notes you feel are important for this month.





There are two pages with designed spaces for you to look at YOUR LIFE/ YOUR YEAR vision and define a few must-achieve goals for YOUR MONTH.

These smaller, bite-sized goals will move you closer to the completion of YOUR YEAR goals and ultimately YOUR LIFE goals.

Align each monthly goal with your yearly goals by circling the focus area - Faith, Family, Field, Finance, Fitness, Friends, and Fun (adult) or Family, Fun, Future (kid/teen).



Once you have YOUR MONTH GOALS set it’s time to get down to day-to-day execution. This is the space we use to focus each day on a few small things that, over a longer period of time, will provide you the gains you desire in your life.  We use the YOUR WEEK section to create focus both on our goals and on our own personal development.

Complete Date:
In the space provided write in the month, day, and year for each of the 7 days represented. If you are starting mid-week just complete from the starting date forward leaving the unneeded days blank.

 Daily Best Self:

There are multiple boxes for you to transfer your ‘letter, number, or symbol’ from YOUR BEST SELF page. Daily Best Self items are the ones you are committing to completing daily basis



dAILY top priority:

Narrowing your focus to one highly important achievement each day and then getting that one thing done builds momentum.
In the space provided write down the single most important achievement for each day.

You can do this as you go day by day or you can do this at the beginning of each week for the whole week (which we prefer and is proven to be more effective).

Start by looking at YOUR MONTH GOALS to inform what you may be doing as a Daily Top Priority. 


At the end of each day, it is a good practice to evaluate the day and this simple tool of scoring how good the day was will help you look back and see your progress. The goal is to have more good days than bad days and to continually increase the number of good days over time. | -2 is terrible | -1 is bad | 0 is just ok | +1 is good | +2 is excellent.


Step Count:

10,000 steps each day has been shown to improve overall health. You can track your daily steps via many different devices and add the count to your Journal.


Today, I Am Grateful For :

We purposely saved this one to cover last for a very good reason. It may be the single most powerful element of The Boundless Journal and not for the reason you may think.

Earlier we mentioned ‘consistency’ being the key to changing habits, getting better, and ultimately achieving your goals.The simple act of looking at your goals, all those things you say are important, will begin to create consistency.

Daily, morning or evening, you’ll open your journal, giving yourself full visibility and access to all your goals, all your Best Self actions, all your commitments and you’ll simply, in the space provided, write down what you are grateful for today.

This becomes your daily ‘check in’ with yourself reinforcing all the components of The Boundless operating system.



The sun image means that this is typically done at the beginning of the day. The moon image means that this is typically done at the end of the day. Or you could do this in the morning and at night!


 7. Your Week in Review:
At the end of each week, you’ll complete a YOUR BEST WEEK and total your week’s progress with Your Daily Best Self activities and You Weekly Best Self activities,

Your Daily Rating Average is based on your ratings along with any other progress notes you’d like to document.

8. Notes:

Part of the design of The Boundless Journal is the incorporation of NOTES pages. Blank pages so you can take notes throughout your day, so you don’t need to carry an extra ‘journal’ for notes.

It’s everything in one place and as a bonus, you’ll have all your goals with you all the time.


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