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The YOUR DREAMS tool in your Boundless Guide is just as simple as it sounds. It’s a place for you to write down in the spaces provided all the ‘dreams’ you may have for your life.

These are the really big things. You may have no idea how you will achieve them, and they may even scare you a little bit. Nothing is off limits - you can put anything you like in this section. ‘What are all the things you want to see, experience, learn or do?’

There are 40 spaces in this section. Do not feel like you need to fill them all up before you move on. You’ll continually discover new dreams and add them to this list and from this list you’ll begin to pull ideas for future goals and plans.


Each new month will begin with a new YOUR NOW tool so that you can revisit this tool at the start of each new month to inform the goals you develop for each month.

This tool will help you gain clarity of your current state with regard to 7 different areas of your life - Faith, Family, Finance, Field,  Finance, Fitness, Friends and Fun.


Moving from YOUR NOW to YOUR LIFE (10+ years out into the future) begin creating, by design, a clear outcome on a specific date of what you want to be true in your life. Follow the instructions on the tool starting with choosing a date at least 10 years in the future and calculating your age on that date. Then, write down a few relationships that are important to you, and the people in your life, these can be your parents, your partner or spouse, your friends, or your pet.

It can be helpful to close your eyes and use your mind to create the vision before you begin to write it down in the space provided (under the heading relationship). The Goal here is to, as clearly as possible, write down what is true in each category on your selected date. It may also be helpful to ask yourself ‘What would success look like for me on this selected date’ in order to capture the vividness of the outcome.



Now that you have clarity in each of the areas (Faith, Family, Finance, Field,  Finance, Fitness, Friends and Fun) for your minimum 10+ year horizon date we need to define what we need to do this year to ensure we are moving toward the achievement of Your Life goals.

Begin by writing down a few things that you know you must complete this year to move closer to your 10+ Year Vision. Write down anything that you feel needs to be completed this year for each category. Make sure it is in the correct tense to vividly describe the success you have achieved. A good way to do this is to ask, ‘What would success look like at the end of the year?’ – this would be the outcome or goal you are wanting to achieve.


The power of understanding why a goal is important to you is paramount in your ability to change your behavior toward what needs to happen. Follow the instructions on the tool, write your goal(s) at the top then work your way down answering and re-answering the questions.

The process of answering and re-answering the questions in writing is designed to get you thinking more deeply about ‘why’ something is important to you. The faster you allow yourself to move toward an emotional answer the closer you will be getting to the truth and the stronger your conviction will be toward the stated goal(s).

The truth will create emotion and emotion will create conviction towards your goal(s). Once you have defined Your Why you may write it directly on the YOUR YEAR tool at the bottom of the column.

There are four YOUR WHY pages to represent the four columns on the YOUR YEAR exercise. Feel free to use this exercise on any goal that you have now or in the future. 


The YOUR BEST SELF tool is designed for you to create a list of things to, over time, add to your life as a habit that helps you become your ‘best self’.

Brainstorm anything that you know if you did this or if you stopped doing this, on a daily and weekly basis, you’ll add to rather than subtract from being your Best Self. Circle the top 3-4 things from each list to track in the upcoming month.


Write the month and fill in the days. This view is designed to give you a big-picture view of your month and is flexible in how you use it. You may choose to write in birthdays, special events, vacatins, or anything else you’d like to use this view for.

Review the YOUR YEAR tool and list 3-6 outcomes that you MUST achieve this month achieve you YEAR Goals.

Review the BEST SELF tool and enter the top three Daily BEST SELF activities symbol in each day box

Finally, enter one thing that you are grateful for daily to start and or end your day 


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